Hi, my name is Ian, I am a professional quizzer and quizmaster.

I guess I might describe myself as a bit of a quiz Geek as I have been running quizzes for over 25 years. I currently run a weekly quiz in a pub in West Sussex and a fortnightly Quiz League in the same pub (Please have a perusal of My Quizzes in the main menu) Having written over 1500 quizzes in my time I would like to think that I have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge which is almost certainly of no use anywhere outside quiz land. It has however given me an advantage in becoming a fairly successful quiz participant and although not all the accumulated knowledge sticks, some of the useless facts that have been learnt and recalled have allowed myself and my quiz team to achieve victory in our local quiz league over the last 3 years.

My interest in compiling and participating in quizzes and my enjoyment of TV quiz shows inspired me to compose the content of this website. The shows that have been chosen transfer particularly well to a pub quiz environment and thus the hope is that participants will enjoy the familiarity of the format. If anyone has any suggestions however for additional rounds, any improvements for the site or any general feedback then I would be grateful for any comments. All my questions and answers have been meticulously checked, however if any errors or inaccuracies are noticed, I would be thankful for any observations.  Please feel free to email me using the form in the Contact page in the main menu.