Chichester Pub Quiz League Results

Chichester Pub Quiz League Results

01/02/2019 Leagues 0


Another hard fought battle this week saw the top two teams in the league battling it out for the win. Ultimately it was the Woolpack that gained the victory by 2 points from The Specky Barflies although due to The Specky’s handicap of -2 they both scored the same on the night. The battle for third place in the league still goes back and forth with The Prawn Collymores and The Overlords Of Delgon fighting for superiority. They are now level pegging in the league. Congratulations to You’re A Quizzard Harry who finished third on the night achieving their first podium position. They have now moved up to fifth in the league.

In the individual League, Zoe from 4 is the New 6 has taken over at the top with 90% of her questions correct with Tony from The Specky Barflies just behind. Adam has dropped back to third but was unfortunate to choose the toughest individual round of the week(Boys names) which proved to be pretty tricky. Once again, just a note on the individual league, that to qualify, 60 questions need to be answered during the 20 weeks of the season.

In the subject league, we had SPORT, SCIENCE & NATURE and TV & FILMS represented this week. The only significant movement was in the SPORT league with The Prawn Collymores identifying 9 of the 10 sporting voices. They are now joint top of this league with the Specky’s

The lucky dip jackpot has now reached £196.50, however once again the question was not answered correctly. This week Jody from the Woolpack was the unlucky contestant. I promise there will be no more questions with ‘Bulgaria’ as the answer.

The next quiz (WEEK 10) is on Monday 18th February at 8pm. I will be emailing you closer to the time with some hints to some of the rounds.




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Hi All,

Once again a big thank you for all who attended last night’s quiz. Hope you all enjoyed the new venue, a bit of a tight squeeze and the lighting wasn’t great but I hope you all enjoyed it. I know one man who did!!!


In the main league, The Overlords of Delgon took the spoils with an impressive 88 points out of 100 on the night with The Prawn Collymores finishing in second. The Overlords have now moved clear in the fight for third and have their sights on the joint leaders, The Speckys and The Woolpack. some impressive performances by the Overlords in the individual round too with 2 of their members scoring a max of 5/5.

In the individual league Dave S goes straight to number 1 with 100% from his 5 answers, however as I always remind everyone, you need to answer at least 60 questions over the course of the season to qualify. To date it is only Jon (Overlords) and Sara (Simple Minds) who have reached this figure, however over the next few quizzes I am sure that we will see a number of others turning red on the individual league table.

The subject leagues are still being dominated by The Speckys and the Woolpack however all the other teams are also represented in the top3 of one league or another so still plenty to play for.

The BIGGGGGG winner on the night was of course Danny from The Specky Barflies who on his third attempt as a winner on the Lucky Dip got the answer to the question. He emailed later in the evening to tell me his wife had counted the winnings and he will be spending the £212.50 on a family day out for his 50th birthday. Well done mate.


As far as the venue goes I am still looking to confirm The Fountain as the new permanent venue. I think there also may be scope to expand into the main area of the pub as there was literally nobody else in the pub last night. I also spoke to the chef prior to starting the quiz and he mentioned that he might be able to arrange some sort of menu just for quiz night. I hope to have a discussion with the general manager shortly about this.

I have also had a big think about the quiz fee especially as we have had a few teams drop out. They are all teams who are only able to field 3 or 4 players and thus the £15.00 fee is not easy to justify their attendance. Unfortunately this has meant that the money I had budgeted going into the end of season prizes is far less than I expected. I worked out that last night we had 6 teams paying the £15.00 fee and thus took £90.00. I also noted that if I had taken £3.00 off each person rather than the fee per team I would have also taken £90.00 (30 players on the night). My proposal therefore going forward is to charge each person £3.00 on the night in the hope that I can both entice the other teams back and try and encourage other teams to join us in the hope that they will become a permanent team. Obviously the more money we take the better the prizes. If you have any thoughts on this I would be grateful to hear from you.


The final results from the last night and the seasons totals can now be found on my website under the News menu. The website is This will be posted on the site within the next 24 hours.

The next quiz is on 11/03/18 at The Fountain (unless you hear otherwise) and will start at 8.00pm




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Morning quizzers,
Apologies for the delay to this weeks quiz review. Its been a busy week. Just 5 teams this week but I’m hoping for a return by some teams for the next fixture and am also looking to encourage some new teams to join in either as guest teams or on a permanent basis. The entry fee will now be £3.00 per person rather than £15.00 per team which hopefully should encourage smaller teams to participate. If you know of any other teams that you play against in other quizzers who you think might want to give it a try, please feel free to give them information about the next quiz which is on Monday 25th March at 8.00pm
A hotly contested quiz on Monday saw the top 2 teams in the league tied at the top at the end of the night. Even after countback we couldn’t split them so they both earn themselves 11 points. as a result they are both still joint top of the table. I think this is going to go down to the last fixture of the season!
Monday also saw some good performances in the individual league with quite a few 5/5 scores. Dave S from The Overlords of Delgon still at 100% but loads of time still to go and needs to get in at least 60 questions to qualify. Still only 2 people have reached this mark but quite a few players should reach the qualifying mark by the end of the next fixture.
Hi all,
Apologies for the delay on the results from Monday’s quiz.
A close fought battle for the top spot this week with the final individual round proving crucial. it was the Overlords of Delgon who proved victorious in the end with the Woolpack in second. The Woolpack have now taken over the top spot by 2 points from the Specky Barflies. Special mention this week to the Simple Minds who, with only two of them this week kept pace for nearly the whole quiz but just faded away at the end.
No winners this week in the Lucky Dip so the cashpot will be £31.50 next week
Next quiz (Week 13) will resume on Monday 8th April at 8.00pm
Evening all,
Another good night of quizzing had by all but it was the Specky Barflies who were on top form scoring 83 points and gained the maximum of 12 points on the night. The Woolpack just edged out The Overlords of Delgon and finished second. This means that once again there is a tie at the top of the league between the Woolpack and The Specky’s. This is going down to the last fixture I think!!
In the individual league Tony has taken over again at the top but suddenly there are a whole host of players who are within touching distance. Please note that those shown in red have qualified for the league with 60 questions answered.
A very difficult question this week in the Lucky dip. Unfortunately Richard from Your’e A Quizard Harry did not manage to come up with the correct answer, however it appeared that no one knew that the winner of the women’s 100m and 200m at the 2016 Olympics was Elaine Thompson.
As discussed at the end of the quiz I have brought the next quiz forward to next Monday, the 15th April rather than the 22nd which is Easter Monday. Please see my last email for the clues for next weeks quiz rounds
As usual you can find the stats on the website
Morning all,
Apologies for the delay to this weeks write up. Just a quick one this week due to a busy Easter weekend.
Another close fought battle this week which ultimately ended in a tie between The Woolpack and The Overlords Of Delgon. The Overlords took the cash prize in the tie break but The Woolpack gained the maximum points in the league as their total score minus the individual scores was 3 higher than the Overlords. The Woolpack have now taken a 5 point lead at the top of the table from The Specky Barflies.
The individual league is also hotting up with still a number of players in the mix. Tony from the Specky’s is currently leading but is closely followed by Jon, Dave, Adam and George. All to play for in the last 6 fixtures
The next quiz will be on Monday 29th April at 8.00pm (not the 30th as per the fixture list). Hints for the next quiz:
  1. Nobly bad
  2. picture


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Morning quizzers,
Apologies again for the late report. A big win by the Specky Barflies by 10 points gave them maximum points and closed the gap at the top of the table from 5 to 1 point from The Woolpack. There was also a great performance by the Muggles achieving their best position of the season coming second.
In the individual league, Tony maintains his lead at the top of the table, but with 5 quizzes left he is being closely followed by Jon, Dave and Adam.
In the Lucky Dip, there was no winner, Dave from The Overlords of Delgon being the latest competitor who was unable to answer the question correctly. There is now £85.50 in the pot for the next quiz.
Next quiz  is on Monday 13th May and will start at the usual time of 8.00pm. As usual a couple of clues to 2 of the rounds
  1. P.Y.N.I. – to pry or butt in to something?
  2. Attachment

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Good morning quizzers,
This Weeks quiz was dominated by The Woolpack and The Overlords of Delgon. A ding dong battle throughout the quiz, but the Woolpack forged ahead near the end to claim the first prize. A notable performance by You’re A Quizzard Harry who stayed very much in touch with the top 2 but sadly faded a little at the end.
In the Individual league Tony consolidated his position at the top of the league with a solid 4/5, but another superb performance by Jon saw him close the gap slightly.With 4 weeks to go there are still a number of potential winners so Tony cannot afford any slip ups.
Once again the Lucky dip was not claimed this week so the cashpot now stands at £107.50
Evening quizzers,
Another tight battle last Monday saw a tie between The Overlords Of Delgon and The Specky Barflies. After countback once the individual scores were deducted, The Specky Barflies triumphed by 1 point. This now means that as The Specky’s gained maximum points, they are once again tied at the top of the league with The Woolpack. With 3 fixtures to go either could claim the title.
In the individual league Tony (Specky Barflies) still remains at the top with Jon and Dave (Overlords of Delgon) following in 2nd and 3rd respectively.
Once again no winner in the Lucky Dip, Sara unfortunately drawing a sports question which was not her strong suit. The cashpot has now reached £128.50.
Evening quizzers,
The Woolpack were bang on form last Monday with a  convincing win with a 7 point winning margin and total score of 89/100. The Overlords of Delgon kept up their consistent high scoring over the last few quizzes claiming second place. The Muggles also had a good week finishing in 3rd place. With The Specky Barflies finishing in 5th means that the Woolpack now have a 6 point lead with only 2 quizzes left in the season, they will now be difficult to catch.
Once again the cash prize in the lucky dip remained elusive and the jackpot has now reached a total of £150.50. As mentioned, if it is not won next Monday, someone will be lucky enough to claim the prize in the last quiz of the season.
Hints for week 19
  1. Picture
  2. Dour scoff
WEEK 19 fixture: Monday 17th June at 8.00pm
Evening quizzers
Well I cant believe that we have only one fixture to go until the end of the season. After a very tight battle all year between The Woolpack and The Specky Barflies, the Woolpack have moved into a different gear and now look unstoppable. Another great win for them this week, especially as they started with -8 points. They are now 8 points clear and as long as they turn up in 2 weeks time they will claim the league. The Woolpack claimed 2nd spot on the night and The Muggles, with another strong performance came a very good 3rd.
The last fixture of the season will see questions from each of the subject league topics represented. The Woolpack look they are home and dry in the History league, the Woolpack looking equally strong in Science and Nature, however it looks like the other subjects (TV and Films, Sport, Geography and Music) are up for grabs
In the Individual league, if my calculations are correct, Tony from The Specky Barflies, cannot be caught, however many of you are still in with a chance for the podium places.
We have another winner in the Lucky Dip. Dave is now the worthy recipient of  £169.00 after becoming only the second winner of the season after Danny scooped £212.00 earlier in the season.
The final fixture of the season will take place on Monday 1st July at the usual time of 8.00pm. I would like to start promptly as we have a lot to get through including prize giving for the various league. I hope to get through everything by 10.45pm. I also might have some exciting news for next years league by then with additional teams, proper catering for each quiz and a change of day for each fixture. Watch this space!!
Hints for next quiz:
  1. Abraham Lincoln, Rajiv Gandhi, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Yitzhak Rabin.
  2. Gale Breath

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